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Professional Coaching - Comprehensive Training  

Seminars - Keynote Speaking  

Coaching is Key in Unlocking Success

Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Coaches improve your performance and enhance the quality of your overall life. We observe, listen, and customize our approach to your individual needs.

One-on-One Leadership Development (Coaching)


The coaching experience is personal and life changing.  You know your profession; in fact, you're an expert at it. But do you possess the skills to be effective and profitable at it? The same truism exists that excelling in a formal education does not necessarily correlate with achieving success in the business world.

In fact, they're two different skills. But, by receiving expert coaching, you'll develop a sphere of leadership knowledge that will benefit you and your entire team.


The areas of understanding apply to those that are professionals, CEOs, owners, and individual entrepreneurs. It's for those just beginning, those who are well-seasoned business professionals, and every level in between. 


Comprehensive Training to Create
High-Performance Teams


Our comprehensive program is available either as a concentrated one-day curriculum or two-day workshop. Both options can engage up to 30 participants and encompass all eight principles of the "Wide Awake" approach in the included workbook. We also provide training classes services. We have training classes for all levels. There are half-day, full-day, and two-day options available.

Keynote Presentations


Exciting, fun, and insightful - you won't be disappointed! Joe and his team of professionals are available for keynote speaking engagements and presentations. We offer motivational talks, leadership insights, and an introduction to the principles of "Wide Awake Leadership" for conventions, symposiums and employee presentations.

Special Training Projects


The items that can bring accountability to your business are right here. Short-term specialized projects that identify specific items include, but are not limited to:


  • Creating performance Appraisals
  • Development Plans
  • Time Management Tools

These specialized projects include two telephone calls a month for one or two months.

On-Site Consulting


We can also provide on-site guidance for individual or team direction. Complimented by the Coaching program, this option provides the benefits of both on and off-site assistance for increased confidence and support, at an accommodating price.

Recreation Youth Programs


Our programs provide an affordable training curriculum designed for adults associated with the program, and it fits a wide variety of sports programs. They don't only emphasize leadership skills, but they also underscore the importance of communication with parents, officials, and players through effective conflict resolution. The heart of the program teaches the development of skills necessary to become good role models and mentors. Over 1000 coaches trained. Click our "Service Tab" and then click "Sports" for all the details.

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