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Topics for Training Sessions

The session topics listed below provide a description of the core information in the class.  You can pick which areas you need at any given time, or you can plan them in the order listed at time intervals that fit your schedule and budget.  We could do one-day training with two to three sessions or a two-day training with four to five sessions based on the sessions selected.


Based on the topics, we can select the proper attendees to meet your needs.  The sessions listed are in the order that I recommend; this is the progression of topics that I use for my two-year program.  

  1. Who We are as Individuals and Why We Each Function Differently

  2.  Communications

  3.  Leadership / Management / Technicians

  4.  Self Development

  5.  The Three Maxims of Leadership

  6.  Self Discipline

  7.  Leadership

  8.  Team

  9.  Time Management

  10.  Us vs. Them / Pain Leads to Action

  11.  Risk vs. Reward / Is there such a thing as failure?

  12.  Five Steps to Empowerment

  13.  1st : Hiring the Right Fit

  14.  2nd: Training Upstream

  15.  3rd: Development

  16.  4th: Entrust 5th: Empowerment

  17.  Accountability

  18. Closing the deal

  19.  Negotiations

  20.  Developmental Action Plan

  21.  Business Strategy Model



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