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Who are our clients?

The most common question we are asked is:  Have you done work with other clients in the same field I am in?  The premies of the question is to see if we would understand your profession. 

We answer with this question: Do yo have people in leadership roles?  If so we are the right people to help you. We do not teach you your profession, we teach leaders and employees the skills to make your profession effective and profitable. With that said take a look at the diversity of clients we work with.  

Clients & Testimonials

People always want to know if we've worked with individuals from their own profession because they want to be sure we understand their needs.

The answer is "yes." 
If you employ people in leadership roles, including yourself, then we're the right people to help you. We don't teach you your profession. We teach leaders and employees the skills to make their professions effective and profitable.

Take a look at some of our clients...

​U S Military / Dept of Defense
Southern Command J2
Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance Division 

State Farm / Fortune 500


All State / Fortune 500
Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA)

National Center Prevention Research (NCPRS)
Embry Riddle Aeronautical
Florida Recreation Parks Association (FRPA)


Florida City & County Management Association (FCCMA)
Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)



Chamber of Commerce(s) 
​Multiple Cities "City Governments"
"International City/County Management Association ICCMA" 
Financial Investors
Printing companies


Computer companies


Engineering Firms
Video Companies

Fire Departments
- City of Port Orange
City of South Daytona
City of New Symrna Beach
- City of Edgewater



Client Testimony

"I learned more about myself than I ever have in just five minutes of speaking with Joe. I took it upon myself to get further training from Joe by getting his Myers-Briggs test. I was able to figure out where I have balance in my life and where I have room for improvement, which he gave me some valuable tips and direction of where I can start. My work life has been unbelievably improved since receiving coaching from Joe. He's also a genuine real down to earth person and very professional."

Josh Curtis, Port Orange, FL

Earlier in 2011 I hired Joe to handle a Team Meeting for my staff and to guide us and coach us into running a better agency. He has done everything and then some to help me shift directions, spend time on strategic planning, and develop my people better. My agency and my life has benefited greatly by working with Joe this year. He is a great guy who quickly grasp what is going on within your business and helps develop solutions that make sense. 100% Thanks for making a diffenece in my business and my life !!less

                                                                                             Blake Thomas

                                                                                             Financial Services

Joe is a professional that will work with your employees and train them on how to be more productive at their jobs and with each other. I highly recommend him for any training for your staff.

                                                                                              Kathie Senft
                                                                                              Center of Business Excellence

“Having a Business coach is like having a fitness coach.  Most of us need one to stretch to the next level.  The business leadership growth I have experienced since starting with my Awake coach has exceeded what I learned on my own during my first two years in business.”

                                                                                              Jose Cerda
                                                                                              Financial Services

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