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​Here is your wake up call to
overcome mediocrity use the form below

“You live in a world thoroughly committed to your mediocrity”


“Your success and arrogance could be costing you money”


“There is a thin line between self awareness and self absorption”


“There are primarily 5 disciplines involved in effective self leadership”

Wide Awake Leadership

Wide Awake Leadership: The Power to Overcome Mediocrity is a must-read for those who desire to become effective leaders. It's for those just starting out in leadership roles as well as for those interested in furthering their already-developed abilities. Glenn Gutek and Joe Coury are both conceptual and concrete in their discussion: Wide Awake Leadership navigates both theory and practice. 

Wide Awake Leadership is a powerful resource for those wanting to be effective leaders in:

  • Corporate settings 
  • Entrepreneurial enterprises
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Their personal lives 

For any leader wanting to wage war on mediocrity, this book is a trustworthy asset.

Learn about the root causes of mediocrity in the workplace, in business, in our communities, in our homes, and, most of all, in us. Discover an understanding of leadership that challenges mediocrity on every level. Employ the game plan in Wide Awake Leadership to awaken ourselves and others. 

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