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Full package discount $50. The complete Self Assessment Tool (SAT) is the comprehensive tool that gives you amazing insight into your business's current level of performance. The Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Type Indicator, with the Leadership Style Assessment, the Team Health Assessment and the Current Reality Assessment that comes with a telephonic consultation with an Effective Strategies coach who will help you shape the game plan to take your leadership and your business to new levels of profits and performance. 

The Leaders Complete Self Assessment Tools (SAT), Including Consultation ..

MBTI Personality Preference

Understand your natural preferences for behavior and performance. The Myers Briggs report reveals how you function at your best and what situations are your weakest. It's also valuable for assessing team members and team dynamics.

Leadership Style

This tool reveals your preferred leadership style, your adapted leadership style, and your least employed leadership style. Knowing and understanding your what type of leadership helps you match a situation with the most appropriate leadership style. 

Team Health Assessment

This tool covers six critical areas of team performance and helps the leader understand the overall health of his or her team. 

Current Reality

This tool gives an overview of all the systems in a business and how they're currently performing. It will help your leaders flourish.

$50 Discount full package
  • MBTI Personality Preference 

  • Leadership Style

  • Current Reality

  • Team Health

$50 Discount full package
  • Personality Preference 

  • Leadership Style

  • Team Health

Call for Pricing on these services:
Half-Day Training Sessions 
Full-Day Training Session 

Short Term  Projects

Specified project by month (two sessions a month)

Professional Coaching

One-on-one leadership development
arranged monthly (two sessions a month).

Coaching is available on weekends, evenings, and in-person at a premium rate.

Keynote Speaking & Travel

Joe is available for keynote speaking engagements and presentations. We offer motivational talks, leadership insights, and an introduction to the principles of "Effective Leadership" for conventions, symposiums, clubs, luncheons, and employee presentations.



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Assessment Pricing

Conferences and Seminars

Training sessions at conferences designed to meet the issues you need addressed at the length of time that supports your needs

$ 150

$ 100

$ 100

$ 100

$ 300

Leadership Programs

Training programs are customized by the number of months and length class time that supports your needs. There is 21 different topics of training modules to customize your materials.

$ 400

Facilitation of Meetings
Mediations of groups
Consulatation calls

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The Team members Complete Self Assessment Tools (SAT), Including Consultation ..
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