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Certified in Myers-Briggs and

 Self Assessments for Leadership and Staff 


Our Effective Strategies Self Assessment Tools (SATs) are the starting point in your journey toward a new level of performance. They'll help you to understand other people's behavior by first helping you reflect upon and understand your own. By taking this first step, you'll learn how to communicate more effectively.

Assessments Tools (SAT).

The Complete SAT

Including Consultation with a Coach

The complete SAT is the comprehensive tool that gives you amazing insight into your business's current level of performance. We pair the Personality Preference Profile or the Kolbe, the Leadership Style Assessment, the Team Health Assessment and the Current Reality Assessment with a telephone consultation. A trained coach will help you shape the game plan that will take your leadership and business to new levels of profits and performance. 

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Personality Preference Profile



The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment will help you understand how you look at the world. You will also gain an in-depth look into understanding the personalities of others. This knowledge is exponentially valuable in communication, relationships, sales and customer service. 

Leadership Style
Personality Preference Profile

This tool reveals your preferred leadership style, your adapted leadership style, and your least employed leadership style. Knowing and understanding your leadership style helps you understand when your style is the best for a given situation and even when it's not. In Addition to learning your styles you are taught the strengths and weaknesses of the other styles to gain the skills that all leaders need in their toolbox to be successful.

Team Health Assessment

Target Team Performance

This tool covers six critical areas of team performance and lets the leader know what aspects of his or her team are healthy, what aspects are vulnerable, and even where it's toxic. 

Current Reality

Understanding the Dynamics

This tool gives an overview of all the systems in business as well as a business's current level of performance. This is for those who want to understand the dynamics necessary for leaders to flourish.

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