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Joe Coury



Joe Coury has been a Leadership Training expert for the United States Department of Defense, Southern Command’s Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Division.
Joe is a nationally recognized keynote speaker, professional business coach, author, public speaker, and instructor. The on air expert for two radio talk shows "The Synergy show" and "Business Buzz" on WNDB. Joe Coury draws his leadership, coaching, and consulting expertise from both corporate and professional experience. Let him bring more than 45 years of know-how to your team!

Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management

Notre Dame University / Mendoza College of Business


  • Certification in Effective Leadership
  • Certification in Teams and Organizations
  • Certification in Business Strategies

Executive Certificate in Negotiation

Notre Dame University / Mendoza College of Business


  • Negotiation Essentials
  • Advanced Negotiations
  • Strategies for Conflict Management
  • Department of Defense, Southern Command, Intelligence and Reconnaissance Division has chosen  Effective Strategies as their Leadership Development training company 
  •  Vice President of Economic Development and Governmental Affairs
• Team leader of Volusia            County Space Port 


  • Worked with NextEra Energy on cutting edge automated billing technology 
• Married to his high school       sweetheart for 47 years,         the  father  of two children,     and grandfather to five           adorable grandchildren     

Bachelors of Arts Organization Management

Warner University

Certified in
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

CAPT, Psychological Testing

Green Belt

Six Sigma

Villanova University

Wide Range of Experience


Joe Coury is the founder of Joe Coury Effective Strategies, a leadership development and training company, where he successfully leads businesses and individuals in skill growth that enhances their competitive edge. He is known for his ability to identify the specific needs of clients and strategically address their needs to produce excellent results. 

As a leader in a fortune 500 company and business owner over the past 41 years Joe has effectively developed winning practices across a diversity of clients that few can match. His unique ability to customize professional business and life coaching, training sessions, keynote speaking, or leadership programs to meet a clients needs are exceptional. Joe is best known by not teaching you your profession, but teaching you the specific skills to make your profession successful.

As a young man his exceptional leadership skills were recognized and rewarded early and then enhanced through formal curriculums that produced an impressive set of achievements and credentials.  These capabilities paired with keen knowledge and insight have inspired and produced amazing results for those seeking to achieve the next level of success.  

A leader in the community with multiple Chambers’ of Commerce serving on The Executive Board of Directors, The Vice President of Economic Development and Governmental affairs and the team leader of Volusia Counties Space Port team.

Joe enjoys sports and gives his time and services to the youth and churches in his community.


Brenda Coury

Executive Assistant 


Brenda holds professional licenses as a realtor in the state of Florida and in the insurance industry as well as being professionally trained in QuickBooks. She has spent ten years in the business sector with a certified professional planner and insurance companies. 

Please feel comfortable discussing any issues or asking any questions you may have. 

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