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Mission Statement: What we do
At Effective Strategies we develop leaders and employees in skills and techniques. We don’t teach you your profession, we teach you how to make your profession profitable and effective.


Vision Statement: Why we do it
By helping individuals and teams to reach levels of excellence we effect the lives of those in business, and to those served by business. It is our vision to raise the bar to excellence for all of those we work with.  


Hello my name is Joe Coury and welcome to Effective Strategies.

At Effective Strategies we deliver business services that are essential to get you and your organization to the next level.

Effective Strategies is a leadership development company that offers professional business coaching, employee training, keynote and guest speaking engagements, and consulting. In addition we also do leadership programs, seminars, training events, retreats, and conference sessions all designed to meet your needs.

Whether you are an individual, entrepreneur, professional, or a large corporation we teach the necessary skills that bring accountability and self-disciplines to move you upward into the next levels of success.

"If you want to obtain something you have never had before then you will need to do something you have never done before to get it".

The shift in American culture, along with the emergence of the majority of our leadership personnel reaching retirement age, has heightened the need for initiated action to develop younger upcoming successors.


It is imperative to understand that this generational shift is approaching and the organizations that are proactive (upstream action) will experience a smooth transition to transformation while maintaining their organization’s stability, reputation, and quality of service.


There will be a price to deal with this overwhelming shift; companies will either invest wisely now in a controlled budget strategy, or they will pay heavily in a reactive crisis scenario with costs far more reaching than developmental training.


Hiring Joe Coury Effective Strategies will produce desired results. 


Joe Coury = Results

Living in a World Thoroughly Committed to Mediocrity

Developing High Performance

Team Players

Don't settle for average. Our keen insight will help you move your company toward excellence.

Every training event is customized to specifically addresses your needs. By energizing your employees, you create a ripple effect of positive energy that produces dynamic results.

Joe Coury

Nationally Recognized Speaker & Author

We do not teach you your profession; we teach you how to make your profession profitable and effective.

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  • Our largest Military client served, The Department of Defense, Southern Command's J2 Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Division  
    (Army, Navy, Marines, Airforce and Coast Guard)

  • Locally we work with several city governments, chambers of commerce, state organizations, individuals, and non-profit customers. Our largest local client, The City of Port Orange, 17 years of a dynamic leadership relationship 

  • Two top Fortune 500 companies in the insurance industry are State Farm (individual State Farm agents, Training classes, Keynote speaking events, AllState individual Agents) Some of our state and national clients include: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Early Learning Coalition, Career Source, Daytona State College and many more, click the link below this line  

    Click this link to view the wide diversity of clients served. 

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